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SizzlingDiaries is a Food Blog focused on designing and developing new Food Ideas and presents fusion from different food cultures across the world. We at SizzlingDiaries explore different cultures and brings you the recipes which create memories while you prepare them at the ease of your home.

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Our Portfolio presents our designs for different recipes that present a fusion among Indian and other cuisines. We at SizzlingDiaries explore different cultures to bring you fusion recipes that can be easily tried at home. Please visit our portfolio for more info.

We focus on different cuisines and present recommendations with the seasons. We will soon be launching our Season 1 which will bring you to live sessions where we can interact and present our ideas with the world.

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Indo Italiano Fettuccine Pasta

In this episode, we bring together Indian cuisine and Italian cuisine by adding a touch of Indian spices in the fettuccini pasta!

Vegan Bagel Sandwich

Ingredients and Quantities: (per serving) Method Cook Time: 10 minutes Toast Bagel in the toaster on setting 4 (depends how you like it toasted). While the Bagel get toasted. Start heating the pan on full heat and add 2 tbsp coconut oil. Once you start seeing lighter fumes appearing, turn the heat to half/ medium.Continue reading “Vegan Bagel Sandwich”


The goal of type 1 diabetics should be to reduce their insulin requirement to a minimum while maintaining the best possible health, especially of the cardiovascular system, through vigilant control of blood sugar levels and attention to diet, exercise and stress reduction. Since insulin production, blood sugar levels, and the types of foods a diabeticContinue reading “NUTRITIONDIARIES #TIPOFTHEDAY #2: TYPE 1 DIABETES”

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