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Homestyle Rajma Curry

In this episode we are bringing the homestyle rajma curry. Rajma curry is the most loved dish in North India eaten along with rice. This is probably my favorite and signature dish which I can eat all the time. I enjoy making Rajma regardless of that it takes bit more time in order to get…

Blueberry Pie/ Flaky Crust

In today’s episode, we bring the blueberry pie with flaky crust to fulfill the cravings for sweet tooth! Ingredients For Pie Crust dough: (Yields: 2 crusts) 3 cups all-purpose flour.1/2 Tbsp granulated sugar.1/2 Tsp salt.1/2 lb Cold unsalted butter (diced).6 Tbsp cold water. For Blueberry Pie: 2 Pie crusts.6 cups of blueberries.1 tsp lemon zest…

Indo Italiano Fettuccine Pasta

In this episode, we bring together Indian cuisine and Italian cuisine by adding a touch of Indian spices in the fettuccini pasta!

Vegan Bagel Sandwich

Ingredients and Quantities: (per serving) 1. Beyond Meat Vegan Patty (made of chickpeas, beetroot, red beans): 1 2. Bell Peppers (of your choice: Red/ Green/ Yellow): 5 slices 3. Red Onions : 6 slices 4. Tomato 1 5. Pickles: 4 6. Coconut oil: 2 tbsp      7. Barbeque Sauce 8. Mustard sauce Method Cook Time: 10…


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Welcome to my journey for Food. This is a space where I am going to share which I will create new dishes/ recipes and design them myself. This is a place which represents my passion for food.

I started cooking in the early months of 2016 to showcase what I actually do. I love food and a true foodie. Hence I wanted to showcase by means of blogging. I do like taking pictures of food. So Why not show your love for food to world.

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