Friday Buffet @Bakasur, Bellandur

It was a Friday afternoon and 12 of us headed to Bakasur for BOO-fay“. We had reservation and hence was could settle down at ease. The restaurant buy the look of it is a mid size.. The waiter took the count of veg and non veg pax and served the soup in a white color coffee mug (Aww! it was looking good though). They also presented few starters on the table – dim-sum, paneer tikka, turnip tandoori, tandoor gobi (from the veg starter paneer tikka was good, the dim-sum had palak aroma, turnip tandoori was unique and i tasted that for the first time). The non veg starters had sheer fish tawa fry, dim-sim, amritsari chicken, chicken tandoori (the tandoori chicken lacked juiciness the dim-sum was awesome though). Penne in white sauce was also served but it didn’t meet my expectation.

Coming to the main course there were many options but i picked up my personal fab and of course mix and match combo. First thing that  i would like to mention is my taste of mix n match which actually worked this time. I took a portion of chicken biriyani and blended it with mutton pieces which was cooked in thick tomato gravy (the potatoes int he gravy was amazing with biriyani). Prawns didn’t hit my taste-bud and lacked  the freshness in it.

When stressed eat ‘DESSERTS’ is definitely true when I hogged on to it! I picked up Red velvet cake (slurp!), apple walnut tart (just the right combination of all ingredients), Gulab jamoon (real juicy and sweet), ‘MY OWN’ ice cream plate (a scoop of honey n fig, mango and half a scoop of vanilla) topped with chocolate syrup was just so yummilicious that I couldn’t resist but finish it!

My Final Rating:

Food 3/5

Service 3.5/5

Staff 3.7/5

Cleanliness 4/5

Overall 3.3/5


Published by Suchita Chowdhury

An engineer by profession, a photographer and food critic by passion is what describes me well!

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