Vegan Bagel Sandwich

Ingredients and Quantities: (per serving)

1. Beyond Meat Vegan Patty (made of chickpeas, beetroot, red beans): 1

2. Bell Peppers (of your choice: Red/ Green/ Yellow): 5 slices

3. Red Onions : 6 slices

4. Tomato 1

5. Pickles: 4

6. Coconut oil: 2 tbsp     

7. Barbeque Sauce

8. Mustard sauce

Method Cook Time: 10 minutes

  1. Toast Bagel in the toaster on setting 4 (depends how you like it toasted).
  2. While the Bagel get toasted. Start heating the pan on full heat and add 2 tbsp coconut oil.
  3. Once you start seeing lighter fumes appearing, turn the heat to half/ medium.
  4. Add the Beyond Meat patty in the pan keeping it away from you to avoid burning yourself. Please make sure the patty is defrosted before it is added to pan if it is frozen.
  5. Cook the patty on both sides for 4 minutes each.
  6. Now the bagel is toasted. Apply mustard and barbeque sauce on one side or both side if you like extra.
  7. Alongside the patty, please add bell peppers and onion slices to caramelize them for just over a minute. Please keep them moving to uniformly caramelization.
  8. Once the items in the pan are cooked, place the patty on the bagel bottom.
  9. Now place caramelized bell peppers and red onions over the patty
  10. It’s time for tomato and pickles.
  11. Additional servings: You may add spinach or lettuce of your choice to include some greens.

Published by Himanshu Kumar

Hello! I am a Food Blogger and Fusion Recipe Creator. When I am not posting on my website and media pages, you can find me developing UX. Welcome to my journey for Food. This is a space where I am going to share which I will create new dishes/ recipes and design them myself. This is a place which represents my passion for food. I started cooking in the early months of 2016 to showcase what I actually do. I love food and a true foodie. Hence I wanted to showcase by means of blogging. I do like taking pictures of food. So Why not show your love for food to world. Email me at if you have any queries and don’t forget to follow my blog if you would like to get email alerts when I post a new recipe.

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