Egg Wrap

Its time have breakfast which is easy to prepare and consumes less time. We all love egg! “Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao Ande :)” For long time eggs have become part of our meals. Its versatility to blend into any cuisine and the different ways of preparing it has made us love eggs. Some of us like it as boiled while others may like omlette or half fry. Just having boiled eggs daily become boring. Its important to adapt new ways of preparing or including it in our meal. Some may add onions, tomatoes with blend of spices while some may like paoched eggs. There are different ways to prepare our dishes with eggs.

Here I am bringing a boiled egg wrapped in the simple crispy chapati. Lets get started with it.

Dough for 1 chapati
2 hard boiled eggs
Mustard sauce
Tomato chili sauce
Red chili flakes
Herbs (i used Oregano)
1. Roll out a chapati from the dough. This chapati must be bigger than the 
   usual size.
2. Bring the pan to heat. 
3. Cook the chapati on slow flame to make sure its crispy.

4. Dice the boiled eggs.
5. Now place the eggs slices to divide the chapati in unequal halves.

6. Sprikle some red chili flakes and herbs. Here i used oregano.

7. Bring in some mustard sauce.

8. Now Add tomato chili sauce.

9. Now fold the chapati from the smaller half.
10. Bring in more egg slices.

11. Now we are going to repeat the same process. Sprinkle some red chili 
    flakes and oregano.

12. Spread mustard sauce and tomato chili sauce.

13. Now half fold the chapati continuing the previous fold.

Published by Himanshu Kumar

Hello! I am a Food Blogger and Fusion Recipe Creator. When I am not posting on my website and media pages, you can find me developing UX. Welcome to my journey for Food. This is a space where I am going to share which I will create new dishes/ recipes and design them myself. This is a place which represents my passion for food. I started cooking in the early months of 2016 to showcase what I actually do. I love food and a true foodie. Hence I wanted to showcase by means of blogging. I do like taking pictures of food. So Why not show your love for food to world. Email me at if you have any queries and don’t forget to follow my blog if you would like to get email alerts when I post a new recipe.

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