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Here we are with the weekend evening spent at TT Salads & Grills. A nice place to chill out during weekends. I went for a dinner with a friend this weekend.

The place is well equipped with decent furniture. The lighting was good not too bright not too dark however I personally like the dark ambiance. It was good that kitchen was in front of us visible what’s going on. But they need to manage their gas stoves due to which we were getting CNG smelling inside.

It was an awkward experience that for every order we have to get up and order, pay first and then get your order on the table. It becomes really difficult when we are more people, in order to order anything we have to get up! they really need to change this….

About the Menu:

The menu at TT Salads & Grills is a good refined menu focusing on relevant food items concerning Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner along with sizzlers, sandwiches, and grills. However, we only had a light dinner, not a proper dinner time. Personally, also I like the style they have adopted with a bunch of healthy stuff with the food which we Indians aren’t used to. I liked the way they served sandwiches/ pasta along with salad and some fries to accompany. The glasses they use it’s too small for the price. Really need to increase the amount, it’s not sufficient to accompany the food item.

About the Food:

As I told you, the menu is good and contains good food which I like and it’s always good to have good and healthy food. First, we had Texan Frilled Veg Cheese Sandwich which is a great combo of veggies served along with salad and some fries. It was good yummy to serve your tummy.

We then had Pasta Mexicana. It was not that good to be eaten. It was not freshly boiled. We could figure it out since it was cold from inside and watery in taste. Besides that, it came along with a lot of oil and that was a vegetable oil wrapped over it which I really didn’t like.

Next, we have great drink accompanying our food. They have a great variety for that from flavored lassies, juices to shakes. Once I tried was Mango and Banana Shake which was refreshing but was of less quantity as per the price and need more amount adding to accompany the time spent. Mango and banana are always a great combo and I loved it.


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