Kahwar Porbo (The Menu)

To justify the title I would describe all those items that was served on the table for dinner.. It was a pure Bengali spread and hence Rice is the need of the hour. In addition there was “Muri Ghonto” (Jeera Rice cooked with fish head and potato)- under the fish section of my menu I love naming it as “Nejeder Modhe Lorai” and “Shak Diye Mach Dhaka Jaina” (Rohu Fish cooked in Palak gravy) sounds different but believe me both are amazing; ┬áthis wins all bong heart – “Begun Bhaja” (Brinjal Fry) served with ghee and rice…

Bengalis are very well known for cooking and eating neck dip (I mean it). And probably that’s the reason after such a long day at office and of course the terrific traffic I still love to cook so many things and name them differently;

Let me talk about the names-

The actual idea behind naming them different is because every bong in their childhood must have had more then one name- a nick name, a name in the school register, a special name called by parents n so on… This made me think why not the same thing for food.. So along with cooking and eating I started naming my food differently…

For all of them who are interested in the recipe please email me at chowdhurysuchita@gmail.com I will be happy to help.


Published by Suchita Chowdhury

An engineer by profession, a photographer and food critic by passion is what describes me well!

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