Moong Dal Halwa

Customised as per little chef’s choice here is the complete recipe of Moong Dal Halwa..


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  • Moong Dal 100 grams
  • Sugar 80 grams (can be adjusted based on taste)
  • Milk -500 ml
  • Khowa- 25 grams (optional)
  • Desi Ghee – 6 tablespoon
  • Kesar – 4-5 strands soaked in milk
  • Cardamom-4-5 powdered
  • Almonds- 10-12 pieces sliced

Preparation time – 45 minutes to 1 hour


Soak the moong dal over night or at least for 3 hours

Drain the water and keep it aside


Grind the moong dal without using any water to a coarse paste

Take a non stick pan and put Desi Ghee and stir it gently

Pour the moong dal paste in the Kadhai and stir continuously; ensure that it doesn’t form lumps

Break lumps continuously and ensure that there is no water content in it. Fry the same for about 20 minutes till the aroma comes out

Put sugar and give a good stir and pour milk and khowa in it and let it cook for sometime. When half-cooked pour the kesar milk and cardamom powder and stir till the milk gets absorbed.

Stir to the consistency of your choice

Serve it in a plate and garnish with sliced almonds

Serve it hot because halwa tastes best when served hot

You can skip khowa if you are health freak and reduce on ghee

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