Overloaded Surprise Pizza

Here is another feast for pizza lovers. One of my another creation from a wheat base pizza. This one is best for eggitarians who dont like to each non-veg. except eggs. This is a feast for egg lovers. This one contains shallow fried potato chips, veggies and eggs and loads of cheese 😛 The best thing is that i havent used yeast which save the time which is consumed in raising the dough.

Let see how it to go about it.


Eggs 2 Nos.
Wheat flour dough
Baby potatoes 2 Nos.
Veggies (Cauliflower, Carrots, green peas (little amount of each))
Mozzarella cheese
Cheddar cheese
Chili tomato sauce
Vegetable oil


1. Take some oil in the pan. Bring the pan to heat.

2. Cut out the potato chips and shallow fry them. Once done. Keep aside.

3. Bring a pan to heat. Add 2 tbsp of vegetable oil.

4. Add all veggies. Let them saute for 3 minutes.IMG_20170613_122201_wm

5. Add some spices (1/3 tbsp of salt, 1/4 tbsp each of red chili powder, coriander powder).

6. Mix it well and keep aside.

7. Now take a big ball from wheat flour dough enough to cover the pan when rolled.

8. Dust the rolling surface and roll out a big circle from the dough.

9. Now take out small cubes from mozzarella cheese and place on the edges of our base.IMG_20170613_122102_wm

10. Now fold the edges and close it with the help of fork.IMG_20170613_122240_wm

11. Now spread some chili tomato sauce.IMG_20170613_122314_wm

12. Now grate some mozzarella cheese and place the potato chips.IMG_20170613_122352_wm

13. Now bring in veggies.IMG_20170613_122448_wm

14. Now place the base over the pan.IMG_20170613_122600_wm

15. Break eggs over the pizza.IMG_20170613_122656_wm

16. Grate cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese.IMG_20170613_122825_wm

17. Now place the pan/ tawa over the stove/ burner. Cover it with lid.

18. Let it cook for 15 minutes.IMG_20170613_142658_wm

19. Cut the pizza into 8 equal parts.

Ready! 🙂IMG_20170613_142752_wm


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