Overloaded Surprise Pizza

Here is another feast for pizza lovers. One of my another creation from a wheat base pizza. This one is best for eggetarians who don't like to each non-veg. except for eggs. This is a feast for egg lovers. This one contains shallow fried potato chips, veggies and eggs and loads of cheese ūüėõ The … Continue reading Overloaded Surprise Pizza


Chili Potatoes

Potatoes are the best companions for the snack time. It's best when children are at home. Preparing snacks with potatoes is less consuming and you can customize it in different ways. One may shallow fry and deep fry them to give different textures. When you deep fry it, it gives you crispier texture but when … Continue reading Chili Potatoes

Matar Pulao (Peas pulao)

Peas Pulao is one in all my most favorite and in addition one of the crucial simplest one pot meal. Though i've posted peas pulao recipe prior, this one is with a curry which give it more spice. This pulao can be executed in a few minutes and also tastes delicious. That you could have … Continue reading Matar Pulao (Peas pulao)

Mad Over Red Beans!!!

  Lets bring out our creativity with Red beans. Feel like not having just chapati on weekends or want to feed something new to your tummy.¬†This is another your brunch time busters and consumes less time and is easy to make. Let see how to go about this... Ingredients: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† … Continue reading Mad Over Red Beans!!!

Anytime Chickpea Open Sandwich

Here's the hunger buster to satisfy one's tummy. Just get the bread toasted.Cook the chickpea with the spices, green chilli and garlic.Top up with any spread of your choice and its all done! Have it anytime you want, be it breakfast or as your snack time food.  

Strawberry Panna Cotta

Italian cuisine¬†has developed through centuries of social and political changes, with roots stretching to antiquity.¬† Italian cuisine is simple and a number of dishes having only four to eight ingredients.¬† They rely mostly on the quality of ingredients rather than elaborate preparation. Noteworthy changes in Italian cuisine happened with the discovery of the New World¬†and … Continue reading Strawberry Panna Cotta