Strawberry Vermicelli Kulfi

Vermicelli is a traditional type of pasta. In asia its is used to make frozen dessert. Here we are also making a frozen dessert in our own way. Here it is: Ingredients: Boiled vermicelli 100 gm Strawberry syrup Rose syrup Milk 200 gm Sugar Grounded cashews Preparation: 1. Keep boiled vermicelli in the freezer andContinue reading “Strawberry Vermicelli Kulfi”

Vermicelli Pulao

There can be different ways to prepare anything you want with vermicelli. Here we bring you vermicelli pulao in a healthier way. Lets see how we came across this… Ingredients:  Servings: 2 For Tomato Puree Tomato 1 No. Green Chili 4 Nos. Garlic Cloves 4 Nos. For Main Prep Vermicelli 250 gm France Beans 50Continue reading “Vermicelli Pulao”